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License agreement

The offered software is property of Christian Harz, webpicasso media.


The product PageEar Administration includes the PageEar (Flashanimation) itself and the tool (PHP/MySQL) to manage multiple pagepeels, with statistics and campaign management.

The product PageEar includes the PageEar (Flashanimation) and the javascript code.

License agreement:

The software PageEar is Freeware and may be used on private and commercial web pages free of charge, as long as you agree to the following license.

The software PageEar Administration may be used on private web pages free of charge. For use on commercial pages, a license is required.

  • The copyright may not be changed. The copyright only belongs to Christian Harz, webpicasso media.
  • It is not allowed to use the software on pages with illegal, pornography or ethicalally doubtful contents.
  • Advertising link / Backlinks to webpicasso media, so far available, may not be removed.
  • The software may not be sold (e.g. Ebay) or make money in any way, also not as part of another software or a script packages.
  • It is not allowed to use pageear or parts of it in own public scripts / projects without author agreement and without reference to these license agreements and the copyright.
  • On commercial pages a backlink to must be set. If you bought a license the backlink is not required.
  • webpicasso media is not responsible for damage and legal consequences, which can result from the use of the software.
  • PageEar Administration uses third party scripts and images. These are provided by the copyright holders and contributors and rather under specific licenses from the original authors. Following the list of the contributors, the licenses and links to their websites.
    • prototype (by Prototype Core Team, License: MIT license)