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Features overview


  • Graphical Userinterface
  • Easy installer
  • Campaignmanagement to controll multiple PageEar
  • Limit views
  • Statstics to see clicks, open and views of the pagepeels
  • Image upload with scaling and creating of the small images (if you want)
  • All features of the PageEars can be set.
  • ....
  • Scrolltext in the big peel, color and speed can be set (BETA!)
  • Play flv videos in the big peel (BETA!)
  • Range of the opening of the small peel can be set.
  • Speed of the small pagepeel can be set stepless since version v2.0
  • Pageear is scalable now. You can change the peel size 100×100 and 500×500 Pixel by your own.
  • Plays MP3-Files on startup, open and close of Pagepeel.
  • Possibility to leave peel open and wait for userklick to close. Close text is editable.
  • Place it on the left or right upper corner
  • Open and close automaticly after X seconds
  • Speed of the small pageear could be changed
  • Flashcheck (Adobe© Flash Detection)
  • Reflecting image on corner
  • Color of the pagecorner
  • Link target on external side or own (self, new)
  • Downwardcompatibly up to Flashversion 6
  • Runs on nearly all Browser (FireFox, InternetExplorer, Opera, Safari, etc.)